The sound of my heart



I have ears unlike many others.


Though I cannot hear clearly the sounds that many people easily hear,

When I close my eyes and concentrate, unclear sounds goes from my ears to my heart, sometimes making dark and gloomy colors and sometimes making brilliant and glorious colors; I have special ears that make an assortment of lights in my heart.


Dark and gloomy colors are made, when I cannot be connected with the sounds of other people or when my heart cannot accept their sounds; bright and glorious lights are made when the sounds try to find the sounds that can be heard to my ears and when my heart tries to find the sounds and is in harmony with those sounds.


The auditory nerves in my heart are trying to be connected to the sounds, growing from nothing to the ones like many branches and roots. Some get lost and some are hesitant to be connected to the nearby nerve cells. But, still never cease to grow.


This is the process how the auditory nerves called “ceaseless endeavor” grow and expand; The sounds touching my heart and the sounds going out from my heart get mixed up, complicated and hard to understand….despite hard efforts, still obstructed, get lost, out of control and falling short.


I have a small wish; I wish the sounds present in my heart grow and develop well, so that someday I would hear and feel the perfect sounds in my heart that is in harmony with the one in my ear.


You see the branches which is my auditory nerves, the leaves which is the forms that apprear, and the flowers that is the form of the brilliant and glorious sounds. My work will continue to improve and I will witness that growth. I pray that I will be able to show you whole and beautiful sounds of my heart to you someday.