Concrete Jungle

Human begins instinctively build towers. From Tower of Babel to the Burj Khalifa, from ancient times to the present, our aspirations to reach the sky have not changed.  We build not just visible towers but invisible ones also: Towers in our minds and thoughts.

 For ages, most societies had rigid caste systems.  Their birth determined pretty much everything: their order in society amd almost every aspect of his or her life.  So it is true of their residential spaces. The top floors or the best places were always reserved for the select few.

 As time passed, it appears that the world has been equalized. People believe that the more the world develops, the more it will equalize.  However, globalization brought fierce competition across borders and increasingly widened the gap between the rich and the poor.  Now the world has only the rich and the poor.

 Nowadays, the rich are the high class.  The better if they can wield power.  Still, the American dream is alive: we can believe in a attaining better future if we put in the effort.

 Maybe that is why we are building these invisible towers.  Or striving towards invisible yet ever present heights.  I am no exception.  So I wonder: How long will I keep climbing?  When I get there, would I find what I really wanted?

 People do not seem to know what is at the top--whether they will find joy and fulfillment or find nothing.  Yet those at the top seem to have a winner’s smile while those below sheds tears of sorrow.

Some who view this series comment: "This is life"

I hope not. Yet sadly, the steel spires of build tops are keep rising.