A world in the City I

City incarcerates people inside. That imprisoned world is crammed with anguish and struggles. Maybe content and love are rarely found in their lives. People are warring only to survive.


They think. They seems to be pondering deeply or be envisioning something.  Deep in thier hearts, they long to freely fly in the sky. In the time that flies, they plan to move even faster and further. Some people fly to the sky with the trees. They fly upto the sky mightily with the memories and dreams, like a birds and planes that fly. Still there is no freedom.


When you open the door of your heart, you see the light. In that light, there is freedom, peace and joy. I see myself in that light. I enter the light, and in that world, there is fullness. Still many have not seen that light.


Some have not seen nor tasted it, but I have the world of true liberty in me. I walk along the street and gaze at the sky, and I come to dream a dream. I cannot see, yet in the sky, I can almost see the Creator of this world with my heart wide open. Anyone who gaze on the sky will be able to see this world.


Wouldn't it be the true life that are lived in this light-the light that we come to be able to see when we open wide the doors of our heart...?