A world in the City II & III

Sounds are foreign to me. But I can hear people’s voices in their facial expressions and actions.  This is the language of the heart.  Through this language I hear them...I see what others cannot see and feel what others cannot feel.

I have traveled the world and many cities.  In these travels I have found a common thing among the people living in cities.  They may be living in different places.  But all of them seem to be living with masks on.  Most of the time, their faces are expressionless.  Sometimes they talk and laugh, yet they hide their pain and loneliness.  As if changing masks everyday, they go on living their busy lives: working, making phone calls, and meeting other people.

I see people are imprisoned in their cities -- kept in this vast space by an invisible bondage of time, money and relationships.  So the city imprisons people.  This imprisoned world is filled with pain and struggle.  In their lives, there is no contentment and no love.  They only strive to survive.

In their struggle, they are looking for some escape from this endless and repetitive life.  I see this from their empty and lifeless gaze into the sky.  They are dreaming of a new world where they can soar like eagles, free to reach their dreams and imaginations.

Yes.  All of us are dreaming of a new world, a world filled with freedom, peace, and joy.  A world so different from this world.  The songs we sing and the motions we make express these desires.  Yet this world is unreachable; though we try hard to reach it on our own.

Invisible wall separates us.  We are limited by our own space and time. Though there are people living in the opposite end, speaking different languages and thinking different thoughts, we live as if they do not exist.  We are confined to what we see and believe that is the whole truth.  Sometimes we create our own illusion and believe that is true.  There are dark sides in this seemingly bright world.

I am dreaming of a new world.  This may be the world that everyone is dreaming of.  It’s a world where everyone is connected, free, and experiencing their full potential.  A world where the true light shines. I hope people can open their hearts and see the true light.  And through it, they may come to the new world that they were dreaming of.