Dark Cites

People have created cities--for survival, for convenience, or simply to fulfill their dreams. Nothing in the cities exist without human touch and intention: the board blocks of sidewalks or the trees planted along the sidewalks. Thus, cities are a self portrait of mankind.

Modern cities are similar no matter where you might visit. Instead of forest of trees or majestic mountains, tall buildings of steel and glass dominate the skyline and form a dense jungle of steep structures, crisscrossed by roads like a spiderweb. Day and night, a multitude of people and cars come and go. Even deep in the night, neon signs and streetlights light up the city sky. People gathers into the city with many convenience and dream of happy life, but the reality is far from it.

People live busy lives in a “survival of the fittest” world from early dawn till late night. As a result, they miss deep connections and true communications. Thus, people are isolated, detached and lonely. They try to use technology and the internet to escape this isolation, but always find it lacking.

Nights turns the city into a glamorous and charming place. Well-lit show windows, colorful neon signs, and various city lights illuminate the city, creating a seemingly welcoming atmosphere. However, as night deepens, the city reveals its true color. It becomes like the empty shell of a building, devoid of life and warmth.

The souls of those who dwell within these cities are similar. The outward appearance may look splendid, yet inside, it is empty, hard, and tired. It is cold and lacks warmth and has no interest in others. Their souls are self-centered and desires anonymity. They lack freedom and peace of mind, constantly feeling intense pain inside.

It seems like there is no escape from it. There seems to be an enormous, invisible wall and unnoticeable deep darkness in the seemingly free and open city. This darkness is the wall that is barricading the hearts of the people.

However, trees spread their roots under the asphalt-covered roads and stretch their branches up high to bring forth new life. Just like that, there are some who share hope with warm hearts even in this rough world. I hope you all, like them, can rise above the City hidden in your heart.