I always carry my camera out into the streets because I want to know how others live. Because I need hearing aids, I have difficulty understanding the conversations without concentrating, so I have few friends.

Sometimes, I turn off my hearing aids because the extraneous noise bothers me. The world immediately becomes quiet, making it difficult to discern the thoughts of others. It becomes a silent film; I am alone and isolated.

However, I have started to see the sounds that I could not hear with hearing aids. People's facial expressions and body language, small changes in my surroundings, all come to me like visible sounds. Now, the camera is not simply a tool for taking photos, but it captures and enlarges the visual sounds that come and go in an instant. It is a friend who hears sounds that I can not and recounts them to me.

The photos, despite their varied settings, have a common theme that is difficult to explain clearly. I think it is the ‘visual sound’. From my photos, I pick out images and icons that express it and cut, rearrange, and manipulate them on my computer. It is my job to collect the visual sounds and then express their chord-like story through my art. That is why the real and virtual worlds coexist in my work, mixing pictures and paintings.

This 'visual sound' is one of the sources of my inspiration. It could be regarded as merely my subjective thoughts or feelings about the outside world. However, there are people who differ from me but think and feel the same way about an object or phenomenon, so I believe that this sound is not unique to me. Maybe it is the sound of the heart or soul shared by everyone.

I understand the world and others through this 'visual sound' rather than with hearing. I express it through my works, telling others what I experience, feel and think. Though it may be uncomfortable or excessive for most, it is a good communication method for me because I am a photographer and an artist.

Frankly speaking, living with disabilities is not easy. However, God gave me excellent vision rather than my lost hearing to help me see, understand, and express the world and its people in a unique way. I truly thank my God.